FAGE Junior: less sugar, great taste.

Meet FAGE Junior

While historically considered a healthy snack, kids yoghurt has come under scrutiny for ‘hidden sugars’, no longer being seen as the healthy options for lunchboxes and after school snacks. Sugar in kids food has become increasingly more important and has resulted in parents being dissatisfied with the majority of kids’ yoghurts and desserts on the market because of health concerns.

So, to answer the needs of parents and kids, we created FAGE Junior, a yoghurt made for kids that’s loved by parents. Delicious strained yoghurt made for children using only naturally sourced ingredients! It’s available in strawberry, vanilla, pear and banana and comes with only 6.4g sugar per 100g serving. It’s also rich in protein which is great for children’s development. Not only that but it has no bits, no nasties. Just smooth, thick and creamy yoghurt with fun facts and games inside the pack. All the goodness of FAGE, tailored for kids.