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FAGE presents a great alternative created for all people who love yogurt but are lactose intolerant: FAGE BeFree! 

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In the News

FAGE Fruits

Extra is better.

You can now experience a deliciously thick and creamy strained fruit yoghurt A fruit yoghurt… But Extra!

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FAGE Junior: less sugar, great taste.

FAGE Junior is a delicious strained yoghurt made for children using only naturally sourced ingredients! With only 6.4g sugar per 100g serving. It’s rich in protein with no bits, no nasties. Just smooth, thick and creamy yoghurt. Made for kids, loved by parents.

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Special Feature

30% Less Sugar

We are happy to announce that there is 30% less sugar in the fruit varieties of our FAGE Total Split Cup and FAGE Fruyo yogurts.

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In the Kitchen

#FAGETotal at Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner … and anywhere in between

Greek yoghurt is commonly thought of as a breakfast or snack option, teamed with fruit or granola. But with only two ingredients – milk and live yoghurt cultures – FAGE Total Greek recipe strained yoghurt is the ideal replacement for more calorific dairy options, such as, cream, mayonnaise and crème fraiche.
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