FAGE Total Plain

Rich and creamy FAGE Total is a delicious Greek recipe strained yogurt made to a family recipe dating back to 1926. Our yogurt is available as: FAGE Total 5%, FAGE Total 2% and FAGE Total 0%, allowing you to choose a fat variety to suit your lifestyle.

Natural ingredients of just milk and live active cultures go into our yogurt to provide an exceptional taste experience. We don’t use thickeners, preservatives, powdered milk, powdered cream or powdered protein.

From cooking and baking to simply teaming it with tasty toppings or enjoying it alone, there are many delicious ways to enjoy FAGE Total – be it for breakfast, as a dessert or a snack on the go.
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FAGE Total Split Cup

FAGE Total Split Cup is a delicious Greek recipe strained yogurt with delicious toppings available with 0% fat.

Find the flavors you crave or discover a new favorite. The richness of FAGE Total you’ve come to expect with a side of honey or fruit topping. Simply add as much topping as you desire for a snack that’s flawlessly balanced.

FAGE Total Split Cup is a treat you can enjoy every day, any time of day. So grab a spoon: the possibilities are endless.
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FAGE Fruyo

FAGE Fruyo is a delicious Greek recipe strained yogurt blended with chunky fruit pieces or other tasty yogurt pairings! It’s indulgently thick and creamy with a mouthwatering taste.

Generously blended with real fruit and other favorite yogurt pairings, FAGE Fruyo is the ideal snack: tasty and filling –thanks to its high protein content.

FAGE Fruyo contains no preservatives or artificial colorings.
It is extraordinary within its simplicity!
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